Planned security measures announced to keep Coney Island Boardwalk safe

The Parks Department announced planned security measures on Wednesday to keep Coney Island's boardwalk safe from terror attacks.
The department is planning on installing gates, also known as bollards, along the entrances of the boardwalk to prevent unauthorized vehicles from driving up them. Council members Mark Treyger and Chaim Deutsch proposed these changes after a terrorist attacked pedestrians with a car on the West Side Highway in 2017.
Council member Deutsch told News 12 in part, "Around the world and here in New York City, we have seen terrorists using vehicles to attack large groups of people ... with 14 million visitors every year, these bollards will play a crucial role in protecting our visitors from harm."
Some neighbors who visit the boardwalk often agree that it would be a good investment. The boardwalk is heavily trafficked, especially in the summer.
A spokesperson from the Parks Department says in a statement, "In collaboration with the NYPD, our proposed design to install bollards or gates at all of the entrances to the boardwalk to prevent unauthorized vehicular access will make that experience safer and more secure."
Council member Treyger says there are still a lot of details that need to be fleshed out, including how much the project would cost, what the bollards will be made of and when and exactly where they would be installed.