Playgrounds open to the public in Phase 2 of NYC reopening

Nearly 1,000 playgrounds began opening their gates Monday as New York City entered Phase 2 of reopening. 
At Ben Abrams Playground in the Bronx, the Phase 2 reopening didn’t bring large crowds. Laura, 4, told News 12 she couldn’t wait to head out and play. 
"The park is open, and it's my favorite slide,” Laura told News 12. 
Families at Middletown Playground in Brooklyn shared Laura's excitement saying, "She has been so bottled up she has actually voiced to me how she is frustrated and frustrated with corona.” 
However, some toddlers were looking in from the outside gates. "I feel like maybe if it looked like someone had come and cleaned it a little more maybe I would feel a little more comfortable but it doesn't seem like they have sanitized yet,” a parent tells News 12. 
The Parks Department said it would not be sanitizing the area and that parents and children are encouraged to wash and sanitize their hands. 
Infectious disease specialist Dr. Rossi Hassad says outdoor settings are a much safer alternative than being indoors, but that parents should take precautions. 
"Wearing a face mask- washing your hands and maintain that social distance,” says Dr. Hassad. 
The Parks Department says everyone must wear a mask when entering the playground and that there will be social distancing ambassadors handing out masks to those who need them.