Police: 14 arrested in party bus gun bust

Police arrested 14 people following a massive gun bust on a party bus in Dumbo.
They say officers busted the party bus at the intersection of Front Street and York Street around midnight Thursday.
Eleven of the suspects range in age from 18-21 years old. There were also three 16- and 17-year-old suspects.
Three dozen were originally arrested, but these were the remaining people who were in custody.
The NYPD explained that youth coordination officers got a tip that people were posting photos of firearms inside the party bus on social media. They say police tracked the bus down and took people on board into custody.
Police confiscated eight loaded firearms including six .9 mm, one .380 and a .22-caliber firearm. In total, 58 rounds were recovered.
Party Bus Express New York is the operator, and it currently has zero violations, according to the Department of Transportation's website.
The NYPD says they are unsure if it was gang related but are glad that the serious weapons were taken off the streets.