Police: 2 thieves wanted for string of burglaries in Bed-Stuy building

The NYPD says two thieves are wanted for breaking into a building on Bedford Avenue in Bed-Stuy on multiple occasions and making off with thousands of dollars in cash and merchandise.
Police say their heist began on Sept. 11 and lasted through Oct. 16. They allegedly first broke into a vacant apartment in the building and then broke into NewStar Convenience Corp., a smoke shop on the ground floor, four separate times in the early morning hours.
Tenants who spoke exclusively with News 12 say the two suspects first broke into the apartment of an elderly man who was out of town. While inside, the tenants and smoke shop workers say the two thieves used the man's power tools to create a hole in the wall that allowed them to gain entry to the smoke shop.
Police say they entered the smoke shop four times between Sept. 11 and Oct. 16
"It's scary because are they going to stop there? Are they going to work their way upstairs? I worry about that," said Glenda Pettaway, a concerned tenant of the building.
In total, police say more than $3,500 in cash was reported stolen along with more than $2,700 worth of lotto tickets and vape products.
"Well, I'm a little vigilant. I tend to stay up later at night. But, the deal is they came through the back, so I would just hope if they come back again someone would make enough noise to alert someone. And the worst part is all four-five times it happened, I didn't hear a thing," said Roy Williams, another tenant.
Police say the two thieves were captured on surveillance footage using a lotto machine at 303 Tompkins Ave. They are asking anyone with information on their whereabouts to come forward.