Police: 50-year-old man dies while train surfing

A deadly train surfing incident is under investigation at the Prospect Park subway station, where police say a man in his 50s died.  
According to the NYPD, the man was surfing on the side of the train, holding the doors facing outward from the platform. He was then struck by an out-of-service Q train on the express tracks that killed him just before 9 a.m.  
Commuters who spoke with News 12 say that train surfing is a disturbing trend, and they’re worried about how many more lives will be lost before action is taken.  
“I think people should leave the youth stuff to the youth,” said one commuter.  
Some nearby residents also tell News 12 that they were surprised an older adult was train surfing and that they hope the NYPD increases their patrols to prevent accidents like this one.