Police: 7 arrested for throwing cans, rocks at police during protest in Brooklyn

Seven people were arrested during a protest in Brooklyn Friday, police say.
The arrests occurred at the corner of Franklin Avenue and Park Place around 9 p.m.
Police tell News 12 they issued multiple warnings, but the seven individuals arrested threw a can and rocks at officers.
News 12 is told two people resisted arrest, including a 34-year-old woman from Brooklyn, who was charged with possession of carrying an electric stun gun and pepper spray.
The protests are in response to the deaths of Daunte Wright in Minnesota and 13-year-old Adam Toldedo in Chicago at the hands of police.
Rod Swanson says we need to learn to communicate with one another for issues to get better.
"Have some people inside the community that's a part of the police department," Swanson says.
The protest started Friday at the Barclays Center and spread from Fort Green to Clinton Hill and down Eastern Parkway.
Police followed protesters as they marched through the street.
The seven people arrested were issued desk tickets to appear in court.