Police: Armed man robbed 2 Brooklyn gas stations, deli

<p>Police say a suspect robbed two gas stations and a&nbsp;deli on Sunday night.</p>

News 12 Staff

Sep 18, 2018, 12:49 AM

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Police say a suspect robbed two gas stations and a deli on Sunday night.
The Shell gas station on Knapp Street was one of the locations targeted by the robber. Employees say he came in after 9 p.m., asked for a lime soda, and then pointed a gun at two employees and demanded money.
The incident was captured on surveillance video. The suspect can be seen walking into the station, then going out of frame. He then could be seen demanding money, along with the employees pulling cash out of the register and giving it to him.
Police say the Knapp Street location was the first of three armed robberies that they believe the suspect was behind.
News 12 is told that the man got away with about $500 from the Shell station.
Police say they've linked the suspect to two other robberies Sunday night, including one at a gas station at Ocean Avenue and Avenue O. A worker there says the attendant was approached by the suspect around 10 p.m., pointed a gun and fled with about $200.
Police say the robber also hit the Mill Basin Stop on Avenue U, making off with about $4,000.
No injuries were reported in any of the incidents.
Police say the suspect wore a black hooded sweatshirt and Adidas pants. He drove a black sedan.
Anyone with any information can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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