Police: Car stolen with 6-year-old inside found in Brooklyn

Police say a stolen vehicle with a 6-year-old child inside was found in Brooklyn on Monday.  
Police say the child, Ronald Mowatt, was in a stolen white Acura MDX with a Georgia plate of RLB3556. A man inside Bernardos Plumbing Supply on Avenue L tells News 12 that Mowatt's uncle came to the store to pick up some items and left the boy in the car. He said when he walked out he couldn't find his car, prompting a mass search.
Investigators say they found the car a couple of hours later on Georgia Avenue and Linden Boulevard.
Witnesses say the block was closed down while police investigated. Police say the child was taken to a hospital and appears to be OK despite the traumatic experience.
Investigators say they don't have a description of who they are looking for at the moment. They are checking the area for surveillance images that might be able to help