Police: Driver fatally strikes bicyclist who was attempting to rob his car

An attempted car robbery early Labor Day morning left one man dead and another in police custody.
Surveillance video shows a bicyclist, heading the wrong way on Broadway, being closely followed by a car that hits him.
The 2003 black Jeep Grand Cherokee also struck three parked cars before flipping over.
Police say it started on the corner of Marcus Garvey Boulevard. They say the driver says he saw the bicyclist trying to break into his car.
That's when a woman and the man who owns the Jeep, got into a fight with the would-be thief. They say the bicyclist then cut the woman's arm with a screwdriver.
Officials say when the bicyclist took off, the owner of the Jeep got into his car and followed him around the block before fatally striking him.
There is no word if the driver meant to hit the cyclist. He is in police custody. Police say charges are pending.