Police: Man accused of killing cyclist, says victim was trying to break into his car

A Brooklyn man will go before a judge after police say he struck and killed a cyclist with his Jeep.
Police tell News 12 that Korey Johnson was arrested and charged with murder and manslaughter.
The incident unfolded just before 6 a.m. in front of 15 Marcus Garvey Blvd. when police say 47-year-old Robert Donald was apparently trying to break into a black Jeep Grand Cherokee that belongs to Johnson. When Johnson confronted the cyclist, police say the two began to argue and at one point Donald pulled out a screwdriver and cut a woman on the arm before jumping on his bicycle and trying to get away.
News 12 is told Johnson is no stranger to police, with 21 prior arrests, many of them for marijuana and the most recent for having a stun gun.