Police: Man dies in Soundview motorcycle crash

Police say a man died in a crash when a motorcycle was caught between two SUVs in Soundview on Tuesday.
According to officials, the man who died in the incident was one of three people on board the motorcycle when it was wedged between two SUVs at the intersection of Westchester and Morrison avenues.
Surveillance video shows a dark gray SUV heading down on Morrison Avenue, while a white SUV is waiting to make a left on Morrison Avenue. The motorcycle was caught between the two vehicles, and all three men on board were ejected off the motorcycle.
“They came doing a wheelie,” said Wilton Muniz, an eyewitness at the scene. “It seems like he lost balance and crashed into the SUV.”
Police told News 12 that both SUV drivers remained on the scene, and neither was injured in the accident. No charges have been filed as of now.