Police: Man wanted for attempting to rape 2 women over the weekend in Concourse Village

Police are searching for a man they say attempted to rape two women over the weekend in the Bronx.
Police say both of the attacks happened in Concourse Village within an hour of each other on Saturday.
The more recent incident happened around 7 p.m. near Morris Avenue and East 174th Street outside a deli and hair salon.
Surveillance video shows the suspect struggling with a woman before eventually pushing her to the ground.
Police say the man pulled down the victim’s pants, grabbed her genitals and tried to sexually assault her before she was able to fight him off.
The other attack happened blocks away inside an apartment building near East 177th Street.
Police say the same man went up to a different woman and touched her genitals. That victim was able to eventually get away.
Police say the suspect fled from both scenes after the women resisted.
Neither woman was seriously hurt. Lisa Velez says she used to live in the neighborhood and is not surprised.
She says it’s the reason why she moved out of the area a decade ago.
“I have two teenage daughters, and I lived over here by Clay Avenue. And it was very dangerous at night coming out of the train, getting home and stuff like that,” she says.
Community activist Sidney Flores says that there needs to be more officers walking around the neighborhood.
The man was last seen wearing a dark-hooded sweatshirt, a jacket, jeans and sneakers. Anyone with information is asked to call police.