Police reveal new efforts to crack down on deadly subway surfing trend

Subway surfing has killed four teenagers across New York City this year, and the NYPD released a new public service announcement to send a message on new efforts to stop this deadly trend.  
NYPD Chief of Transit Michael Kemper says that this trend has become fueled by social media and has resulted in tragic consequences.  
The PSA revealed a five-part plan that aims to put subway surfing to a stop. The NYPD says it will increase the deployment of officers while focusing on working with parents and the city’s Department of Education to provide outreach.  
Over 70 arrests have been made by the NYPD this year for people riding on top of subways, but that the trend has primarily targeted kids ages 14-16. In addition to the four teenagers who lost their lives, three others are currently living with debilitating injuries.  
"Injuries to be quite frank that are devastating and life-altering, and injuries and deaths that have left families and friends heartbroken and shattered,” said Kemper about the results of some of these subway surfing incidents.  
City leaders are encouraging families to speak with their children about this trend, and the NYPD says it will be conducting home visits to known subway surfers to notify parents about the dangerous activity their child is involved in.