Police: Suspect in Queens stabbings charged in Brooklyn subway station attack

Investigators say the suspect arrested and charged Thursday in multiple stabbings in Queens will also be charged in a Brooklyn attack.
Police say Jermain Rigueur, 27, will also be charged in the stabbing inside the Myrtle Avenue station in Brooklyn.
Police say five stabbings in the Rochdale Village section of Queens were all connected to Rigueur.
Rigueur was walked out of the 113th Precinct in a white jumpsuit on Thursday afternoon. NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban discussed the efforts leading up to the arrest.
"It was about walking through neighborhoods and talking to people," said Caban. "Interviewing witnesses and canvassing video and through it all remaining focused on one thing - ending this threat. And now this man is in custody."
Rigueur is being charged with attempted murder, assault, attempted assault and criminal possession of a weapon. Authorities tell News 12 that Rigueur has no previous history of mental illness and there is no motive discovered yet for the series of attacks.