Police: Woman's body found in Bloomingdale Park

Police say a woman's body was found in Bloomingdale Park last Thursday.
Police say Ola Salem, 25, was found lying in a wooded area of the park unconscious. They say she was clothed and unresponsive.
Salem volunteered at a domestic violence shelter for Muslim women in Southern Brooklyn.
The Asiyah Women's Center released a statement on her death that said in part," Ola Salem once called the Asiyah Women's Center 'a true friend,' and that is what we sought to be in her life, and now -- in her death. She was a committed volunteer and passionate about alleviating the pain of domestic violence survivors. She lived in our center for months, often assisting with the intake process. She was a beacon of hope and positivity for many. "
The medical examiner is investigating her cause of death.