Police: Young woman sexually assaulted ay Kingsborough Community College

An investigation is underway after police say a young woman was sexually assaulted at Kingsborough Community College on Monday.
In response, the campus added extra security measures. Students at the college were surprised to learn about the young woman who was attacked in a bathroom at the school.
Many who attend the school say they received an email alerting them about the assault in the campus library.
Security officers checked everyone's IDs to make sure that only students could get in. Police tell News 12 that on Monday around 2 p.m. a 17-year-old student was using the bathroom when she felt a presence behind her—a man shoved her into the stall where he assaulted her.
Police say she managed to get away but got a good look at the suspect before he ran off. She told police that she wasn't sure if he is a student at the school, but believes she had seen him before on campus.
The student described her attacker as six-feet tall, 200 pounds, black or Hispanic with short black hair, and with a light skin complexion. The student also says he was wearing a hooded black jacket at the time.
"I was in the computer lab so when it happened, when they texted I was just like what in the world like, why did that happen? How can that happen when there's security around," said student Keyon Sinclair.
The students at the school are uneasy after learning that this took place in an area they say is usually safe.
"To be honest, I really don't use the bathroom in this school, but this made me not want to do it 10 times worse," said student Amanda Santos.
Kingsborough Community College released a statement saying, "The college is taking all measures to safeguard its students, faculty, and staff. The safety and security of our campus community is our first priority."
The college also tells News 12 that the student is in stable condition at a nearby hospital. The NYPD continues its investigation with no suspects at this time.