Power out again for tenants of 8 Co-op City buildings

For the second time in three days, Co-op City residents are dealing with another round of power outages.
The same eight buildings that were without power Friday were in the dark again at around 2:30 a.m. today.
Sources tell News 12 there was a temporary fix to get power back on Saturday from a blown transformer, but it didn’t last very long.
Power is slowly being restored as News 12 is told officials are going building by building, to hook up generators and other sources of power.
Residents tell News 12 they are feeling frustrated and angry. One person tells News she was getting home when the power went out, and had to sleep in her car as she wasn’t able to climb the stairs to her apartment.
Lydia Owususu, who lives on the 20th floor, says they are living in fear because they don’t know when the power will go off again.
“We have to get some water, charge your phone,” Owususu says.
Sources tell News 12 it has been “all hands on deck” with board members and engineers meeting to figure out a permanent fix to the problem.