Pratt students recycle trash into art

A group of grad students is turning trash into art in Bed-Stuy.
Gordieh Nisseri, a master of fine arts graduate student at the Pratt Institute, is weaving discarded ropes into mats as part of an art residency project.
"Everything that you see here is a material that would have otherwise probably ended up in a landfill," says Trevis True, another art student in the program.
The students are also getting help from a private firm, in part due to efforts by the organization Cope NYC. Brooklyn Research, a company based in the old Pfizer building, says it jumped at the chance to participate.
Cope NYC says art students can have a hard time finding residencies, so it paired the students and the firm.
"Electronics are so disposable these days, and so we were having a hard time figuring out what to do with them in the first place," says Johnny Lu, who works at Brooklyn Research.
Acumen Capital, which owns the building, has a room full of discarded supplies available for the students to use.
Their art will be on display Nov. 19.