Pregnant midwife addresses concern over COVID-19 vaccine, offers advice to women on the fence

There is some hesitancy to get the coronavirus vaccination for many Americans and New Yorkers--including women who are pregnant, breast-feeding or who want to start a family in the future.
Su Thet is a midwife at St. Barnabas Hospital and she’s on the list to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, but she says it took her a little while to make that decision because she’s pregnant. 
Thet says she feels for women in the same boat, who have a lot of questions since no pregnant or lactating women participated in the clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines. 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there is limited data available on the safety of the vaccine for people who are pregnant. It says they’re at increased risk for severe illness if they do get COVID-19. 
Thet says she spoke at length with her health care providers to get to a decision that she feels good about. 
Her advice to women on the fence right now is to talk to their doctors and do that same risk assessment, which the CDC recommends. 
She also hopes this is an opportunity to lift each other up as women, with support and information.