Pretrial hearing begins for suspect accused of running over EMT in 2017

Testimony began today in the pretrial hearing of Jose Gonzalez, who is accused of jumping into the driver’s seat of Yadira Arroyo’s ambulance and running her over with it in March of 2017. 
A cellphone video of the scene was played in court, leaving loved ones of the late Arroyo in an emotional state.  
The beginning of today’s hearing marks a long journey for Arroyo’s loved ones and supporters who dealt with years of court delays, setbacks and examinations to determine Gonzalez’s mental state at the time of the fatal incident.  
Two officers from the 43rd Precinct who responded that day identified Gonzalez as the suspect who was held down after Arroyo was run over by her ambulance.  
Gonzalez is charged with first-  and second-degree murder, manslaughter, robbery, vehicular manslaughter, and operating a motor vehicle under the influence.  
A jury for the trial is expected to be chosen in the next two weeks.