Pride center CEO applauds President Biden's order against discrimination based on sexual orientation

President Joe Biden signed an executive order to protect people from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, one of several early moves by the new president.
"I cried at the inauguration because Joe Biden might be the oldest president we've ever had, but he's also the most inclusive. We've seen that on day one and he's delivering on that promise,” said CEO of the Brooklyn Community Pride Center Floyd Rumohr. 
"The executive order prohibits the federal government from discriminating against workers on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. I couldn't be happier and I'm even more delighted that it was done so quickly,” said Rumohr. 
The order protects the LGBTQ community against discrimination in schools, health care, and other realms of life as well. It calls on agencies to revise existing discrimination policies to include gender identity and sexual orientation. 
Rumohr hopes the move will be a step toward equality and will have a positive impact on the community. 
The Biden administration’s commitment to inclusion is also being displayed on the White House’s revamped website. Visitors on the site can now choose their pronouns on the site’s contact form. 
Rumohr is hopeful for the next four years. 
"Continue to provide leadership and call out the hate cowards whenever we see or hear them. In our case it will help us bring people to justice,” said Rumohr.