Proposed legislation could prevent vendor trucks in Dyker Heights during Christmas

It may only be August, but people are already talking Christmas in Dyker Heights.
The neighborhood is known for its elaborate light displays that draw visitors from near and far, causing issues for some residents.
Local officials and some residents are hoping to clear the neighborhood of street vendors, that come around during the holiday months.
"Rockefeller Center is like played out, really. You go there you see a tree, but over here you see all different types of decorations," says Lucy Spata. of Dyker Heights.

This Dyker Heights resident says she was the first to decorate her home in 1986, with over the top decorations. Now, there are dozens of families that have joined in on the fun.

"It's the lights, the characters, Santa Claus, all the different things. One house is not the same," says Liza DeMatteo, of Dyker Heights.

While Dyker Heights has become an attraction for visitors, some residents are upset. They say food trucks have invited themselves into their community, creating a slew of problems

"I know a lot of people don’t like it, because on the avenue there are houses on the avenue. They really don’t like fumes, we have a lot of garbage," says Lawrence Persico, of Dyker Heights.

The avenue is where many vendor trucks do park, leaving residents without a parking spot.  

 "This neighborhood doesn't want to see this garbage and the vendors here. It’s a beautiful neighborhood," says Persico.

Councilman Justin Brannan hopes to put a stop to this. He proposed that legislation prohibits food trucks from parking in the heart of Dyker Heights, from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. Some residents think the councilman is wrong. 

"I’m against him preventing it. It's a joy for the people. Radio City, they don't legislate to stop Radio City. Why don't they just put people here to clean up for us?" says Spata.

Spata tells News 12, she hopes this issue will be resolved, so visitors and residents can just enjoy the lights.