Prospect Heights bakery gains national attention due to social media influencer

A Prospect Heights bakery gained national exposure this week due in part to a social media influencer.
TikTok sensation Keith Lee, known for highlighting small business restaurants, chose Bakery on Bergen to visit with a "Good Morning America" crew Thursday morning.
Owner Akim Vann was surprised on live television as she was at work and received a $10,000 check from Duncan Hynes as many of her closest friends tuned into the show. It was the ultimate sweet moment for the woman that is always ensures other people's days start and end sweeter.
It all started last week when Keith Lee came visited the bakery last. Unknown to Vann, Keith was asked by "Good Morning America" to find a New York City small business that stuck out for their food and their service.
Bakery on Bergen was recommended to him and the moment he walked in and met Vann and then tried her goodies, he knew the rest was history. Lee even tried Vann's unique-flavored cupcakes for the whole world to see, which generated more than 3 million views overnight. Even some neighborhood residents stopped by to try the sweet treats for the first time.
Vann said she was overjoyed with how much her small business has grown.
Vann said she plans use the money that she received to buy more refrigerators at the bakery to store birthday cakes that will be ready for anyone to purchase that is in need of a last-minute cake on the fly.