Protect the progress we’ve made: Cuomo threatens to roll back bar, restaurant reopenings

Gov. Andrew Cuomo urged local governments to enforce the law when it comes to young people congregating at bars and restaurants.

News 12 Staff

Jul 20, 2020, 1:07 PM

Updated 1,406 days ago


On day 142 of the coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Andrew Cuomo addressed two main threats that still remain in New York – number of congregations, specifically young people, and the increasing infection rate around the country.
Cuomo urged local governments and police departments to enforce the law when it comes to young people congregating at bars and restaurants. He said that the state will roll back bars and restaurant openings if law enforcement doesn’t step in to enforce social distancing and COVID-19 protocols. He said that with local governments in charge or compliance and enforcement, it’s up to them to do their job or else he will roll back the opening plan.
Cuomo added that over the weekend, in Astoria and the Lower East Side of Manhattan specifically, there were congregations at bars and restaurants of people not social distancing or wearing masks. He urged young people to stop being stupid and reckless, adding that “it’s not just about you, it’s about who you could infect and who you could hurt.”
As for the second threat, the increasing infection rate across the country in 40 states and DC, Cuomo said an “outbreak anywhere is an outbreak everywhere.” He said while New York has a strict quarantine plan in place, it’s impossible to enforce with total certainty as New York does not have a border control. And while it’s beyond our control, Cuomo says people need to remain vigilant.
Lastly, Cuomo said that during New York’s worst point, 30,000 health professionals from around the country came to help in hospitals and ERs. He said New York doesn’t forget the help it received during those tough times, and he plans to pay it forward. So far, New York has provided drugs to Florida and has been working with Atlanta, Georgia and Houston, Texas to provide assistance. Cuomo then said he was getting on a plane to visit Savannah, Georgia to see what New York can do there to help.
Before boarding the plane, Cuomo added that the coronavirus doesn’t respond to politics, denial or bullying and urged the federal government to rely on medicine and science to help combat the virus.

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