Protester pushed to ground by officer says DOI report on NYPD protest response is 'stating the obvious'

The Department of Investigation has released its report into the NYPD's response to the wave of protests that occurred this summer over the murder of George Floyd.
The report found a number of failures in the NYPD's response to the protests, from a lack of police training to their use of force and crowd control tactics, which the DOI says resulted in excessive enforcement.
Those tactics were shown in a viral video from May where a woman, Dounya Zayer, is seen protesting near the Barclays Center and then being pushed to the ground by an officer.
Zayer is now planning to sue the officers involved in the incident.
"This report pisses me off," Zayer says. "Stating the obvious. It's stating what protesters have been saying for the past six months and the protesters had proof."
Some of the recommendations from DOI for the NYPD to improve how they handle protests include creating a new protest response unit. The unit will help plan a strategy for responding large protests and consulting with community organizations about protest police trainings.
Police Commissioner Dermot Shea responded to the report, saying he intends to incorporate those recommendations into their future policy training.