Protesters claim NYPD officer unnecessarily flashed gun at them

Police officers blocked off the 84th Precinct as a crowd gathered outside outraged over the actions of one officer who they say flashed a gun.
Protesters rallied on Gold Street, calling for the officer seen in a photo holding a gun in his hand to be fired. The officer is Artem Prusayev, according to social media users.
Protesters say around 40 people showed up Tuesday night to protest the shooting death of 47-year-old Andre Hill, who was killed in a police-involved shooting in Ohio last month.
A witness who didn't want to be identified says someone yelled, "How come you don't have a mask?" They say the officer then pulled out his gun and looked toward his partner before holstering it and pulling out his baton.
Protesters say none of their actions justified what he did, and they want him removed.
One website that has a civilian complaint review board and NYPD data shows that the officer has two complaints against him for physical force.
News 12 reached out to the NYPD for a comment but has not yet heard back.