Protesters hold 'peace and sanity' rally at Grand Army Plaza

Protesters gathered Sunday for a 'peace and sanity' rally at the Grand Army Plaza.
Demonstrators took the opportunity to denounce racism, bigotry, hateful speech and "alt-right" groups after Saturday’s events in Virginia. They say the protest was to promote tolerance and remember those lost and injured in Charlottesville.
The event was organized by Indivisible Nation Brooklyn.
Rally organizers say the protest was planned days ago, and was originally meant to call for a serious and calm stance on federal policy with North Korea. They say that changed after yesterday’s events in Charlottesville. 
“It’s up to all of us, [and] every elected official in this nation to condemn the activities of yesterday and call it like we see it -- it's hate nothing but hate,” shouted one protester.
Attendees say they hope the rally brings “peace and sanity” to America, because there is no room in America for hate.
Organizers also encouraged people to come together and vote in upcoming elections to make sure their voices are heard.