Protesters rally in support of Staten Island bar that defied orange zone COVID-19 restrictions

A Staten Island bar is defying coronavirus restrictions, with many standing with the owners, saying the restrictions are not fair and are choking small businesses.
Protesters stood in solidarity with the Staten Island bar owners Wednesday night.
Protesters were yelling “USA,” played music and held up flags outside Mac's Public House on Staten Island.
The bar falls into an area designated by Gov. Andrew Cuomo as an "orange zone” because of heightened COVID-19 rates. Due to the orange zone, the bar was not supposed to be serving customers inside. But instead, the owners declared the bar an autonomous zone, saying they've struggled enough and need to be open to survive
On Tuesday, the co-owner of the bar, Danny Presti, was arrested by the New York City Sheriff's Office and charged with obstruction of governmental administration in addition to other coronavirus related violations.
The mayor says the actions of those protesting Wednesday night do not reflect the feelings of the majority of New Yorkers.