Protesters say Bensonhurst puppy store has sold sick dogs, call for shop to close

Pet owners who have purchased puppies at Bensonhurst’s Puppy Boutique protested outside the store Saturday, alleging that it has sold sick dogs.
Many of the protesters told stories of pets being diagnosed with various illnesses after they were brought home, some with congenital abnormalities. Others had canine parvovirus, they say.
They hope their numbers spoke louder than their words, which have been posted all over customer review sites like Yelp.
On the store’s website, the Puppy Boutique says it offers a one-year health guarantee, two free veterinarian exams, and provides 14 days for customers to have the puppy checked out by a veterinarian to confirm the dog’s health.
Protesters urged incoming customers to reconsider before they went inside.
The Better Business Bureau issued the shop an F rating, citing 18 overall complaints against the business. The store manager said the bureau does not take into account just how many customers they have served.