Pump Patrol: Gas prices back on the rise across NYC

Many commuters felt pain at the pump the last few months over record-breaking gas prices, which is blamed in part by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Since then, prices have thankfully gone down, but we're now seeing a bit of an increase.
According to gas trackers like AAA and GasBuddy, gas prices across the U.S., including New York, have steadily declined since they peaked in mid-June at around $5.
President Joe Biden says prices are back down to levels they were at in early March, but gas prices started to inch back up in October.
The average price to fill a tank in New York City right now is about $3.80 a gallon. 
The Speedway station on Buckner Boulevard is now the cheapest gas in the Bronx at $3.43.
The cheapest in Brooklyn, according to GasBuddy, is a little lower at $3.29.