Push from City Council aims to reduce time in jail for those waiting for trial

New Yorkers being held in New York City jails while waiting for trial may not have to wait as long, as a new push from the City Council is aiming to reduce that wait time. 
The City Council announced detainees wait on average 115 days at Rikers Island - four times the national average. 
Council Member Carlina Rivera says she wants to hold the Department of Correction accountable for bringing defendants to trial on time, helping relieve many of the problems the city's jails and inmates are facing. 
"When people are not produced for court, it further stresses an already backlogged court system," said Rivera. "It can delay a person's release, it can eventually cause death. It delays connection to mental health programs and substance use disorder services if needed, and much, much more."
Over 25% of detainees in city jails were not brought to court on time between September and December 2022.