Rattled: Police ticket Orange County man for killing rattlesnake

An Orange County man was ticketed for killing a rattlesnake, according to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.
Police say they received a tip from the Woodbury Police Department about a rattlesnake found dead in a driveway in July. The snake had its head cut off and its rattle missing.
Authorities say they found the suspect, who admitted to killing the snake by chopping its head off. He told officials he killed the snake because he had never seen a rattlesnake and was afraid.
The officers educated the man on the important role of timber rattlesnakes in the ecosystem, and informed him the snakes are protected under state Environmental Conservation Law.
The man received two tickets for the illegal take and possession of a protected species.
Officials want to remind residents that rattlesnakes do not typically attack people unless threatened or provoked and advise people not to panic, keep a safe distance of six feet or more and let the snake move along on its own.