Red Hook school highlights video games, robots in new computer engineering classrooms

Students at a charter school in Red Hook are learning computer engineering in a new way with two first-of-its kind classrooms that use video games and robots in lesson plans.
The classrooms officially opened today. Staff members say students are using video games and robots as a starting point to learn the beginning elements of coding.
Summit Academy High School celebrated the launch with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. One of the classrooms focuses on STEM with students building robots to learn coding and engineering.
The other classroom is the innovation lab where students use different video games to learn curriculum about gaming health, marketing and branding, and streaming.
The classrooms are decked out with lights, gaming systems, 3D printers and more, all made possible by a $150,000 city grant.
Students say these classrooms are teaching things that can be useful in the real world. Staff say they're hoping to continue expanding their curriculums and adding new elements.