Rep. Malliotakis says she talked with President Biden about border control policies

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis says she spoke with President Joe Biden after his first address to Congress this week.
The Republic congresswoman says she approached the president after his speech and told him about her concerns regarding border control.
Malliotakis says she needs to support customs and border patrol agents who are desperate to go back to the policies that were in place when former President Donald Trump was in office.
Malliotakis says that she thinks Biden listened to her concerns and that his White House counsel called her back the next day.
“I appreciated that it gave me an opportunity to expand more on what I had saw and what I had heard while I was at the border,” Malliotakis says.
Malliotakis says she agrees with some of the broad points and goals of the president, but doesn’t agree with his policies on how to get there.