Rep. Ocasio-Cortez stands with Hunts Point Market workers on strike

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed her support behind workers at the Hunts Point Market and their demand for better pay and benefits.
The congresswoman paid a visit to the Hunts Point Market on Wednesday to stand in solidarity with members of Teamsters Local 202. The group has been on strike for four consecutive days, fighting for a $1 an hour pay raise and additional health care benefits.
"The folks that are delivering our food and loading our trucks...they are asking for a dollar and I think [that’s] the least we could do, after a year of a global pandemic," Ocasio-Cortez told News 12. "These people are working so hard in a time of record profits, by the way, to share in the prosperity they are helping create and keeping us safe."
The Hunts Point Market said in a statement that it is offering workers a raise and benefits, but over the course of the next three years.