Rep. Ritchie Torres proposes permanent safety measures in wake of Capitol violence

Rep. Ritchie Torres says he is still shaken by the violence at the Capitol last week and is proposing that more be done to ensure the safety of elected officials.
While there are currently additional security measures in place at the Capitol, he’s calling for at least one measure to be made permanent.
Rep. Torres says many members of Congress are still concerned for their safety and says some are struggling with PTSD. 
That’s why he says he’s calling for lawmakers to learn from history and make sure the Capitol is protected against any future attacks.
He says there is currently much more security in place at the Capitol including a fence, restrictions on who can come in, fewer points of entry and the campus is guarded by both Capitol police and the National Guard.
However, he says these measures are temporary. That’s why he’s introduced legislation that would require the architect of the Capitol to install a permanent security fence.
This proposal is based on a plan that dates to 2013 that he says was rejected because of the cost.
The congressman is also calling for an investigation into whether any members of Congress had a role in inciting or aiding the insurrection against the Capitol. He says those members need to be held accountable and if necessary, expelled.