Rep. Rodriguez calls for more cleanup efforts in Allerton

While plows have come through large parts of the city, one area in the Bronx appears to be in need of some extra addition.
Piles of snow remain in the middle of the streets on Wallace Avenue at the intersection with Boston Road in Allerton.
Rep. Ydanis Rodriguez tweeted a video of the street.
He says he believes the city is doing a great job overall, but needs to do better in underserved areas.
Residents say the streets could have been cleaned better.
Department of Sanitation Communications Director Belinda Mager released a statement, responding to the councilman’s call for action.
“The city was hit with a very large and challenging storm and the total cleanup will take some time,” Mager says. “Our workers are still on 12-hour shifts, and our salt spreaders and plows are still working across the city. Today, they will pay special attention to widen streets, residential streets and bike lanes. Additional, we have employed snow laborers to help shovel snow from areas such as crosswalks, bus stops, step streets and fire hydrants. As always, business and property owners are responsible for cleaning a path on the sidewalk.”