Report: Students on fully remote learning less likely to move to next grade level than hybrid students

A new report shows many Connecticut students are still struggling to learn during the pandemic.
A local education support nonprofit, called The Connecticut Rise Network, found in its recent study that students doing remote learning were less likely to get to the next grade level than students engaged in hybrid learning.
The study sampled over 12,000 students. Some of them were at Westhill in Stamford and Brien McMahon in Norwalk, finding 46% of remote students were off track.
Bridgeport Superintendent Michael Testani says because of too many distractions, remote learning is not effective.
He says once teachers start getting the COVID-19 vaccine next month, that will pave the way for more students to go back to in-school learning.
The Connecticut Rise Network says some school districts are even allowing students who don't feel comfortable coming to school during the week to go in on Saturdays.