Rescuer: Dog died after being found emaciated, abandoned in Bronx building

A dog died after being found abandoned and starving inside of a Bronx building last month, and the woman who tried to help the animal is calling for stronger penalties for abusers.
The dog, named Lady Pink, was found abandoned in the lobby of a building back on Oct. 20. She was skeletal with her rib cage visible through her fur.
The dog was reported to Animal Control, which took her to a shelter. Soon after, Lady Pink was rescued by Pit of Our Souls, a nonprofit that takes dogs from shelters and works to find them forever homes.
One woman from the organization took Lady Pink into her care and rushed her to an animal hospital. Doctors worked to revive the starving dog in intensive care with IVs, surgeries and blood transfusions. She was estimated to be only 1 or 2 years old.
"I was heartbroken. She couldn't even walk, they carried her out to me," says the Pit Of Our Souls member. "I put her in my car and all she wanted to do was sit on my lap, her tail was wagging. She was given tons of kisses and I'm sure those are the only kisses she ever had."
Lady Pink died a week after she was found, in the arms of the woman who rescued her. The hospital did everything they could to save her, but her organs were too badly damaged from starvation.
The Pit Of Our Souls member says there should be harsher punishments for animal abuse, and says owners who can't handle pets shouldn't have them.
The NYPD tells News 12 that it didn't have any information on whether the case is being investigated as animal cruelty.