Resident claims visitors make cemetery where son is buried unpeaceful

A local resident says the place where her son was buried last year is anything but a peaceful place to mourn.
Gail DeGannes-Hoyte comes to the Evergreens Cemetery often to visit her 22-year-old son who unexpectedly died last June.
She shared with News 12 nearly 30 photos of people with dogs despite a sign that says no dogs.
According to cemetery rules, bicycles are not allowed, but she says she has numerous photos of bikes on the grass.
Another rule is photography is prohibited, yet she saw a photoshoot happening at the cemetery.
DeGannes-Hoyte says she complained to the cemetery several times. The president there says they "have actively been addressing the concerns brought to our attention," but did not specify how.
DeGannes-Hoyte also reached out to Sen. Julia Salazar, who says she has heard the concerns and "wants to create a solution that will work for everyone."
DeGannes-Hoyte says after a year of voicing her concerns, she wants more action.
News 12 reached out to the New York state Division of Cemeteries about DeGannes-Hoyte's complaints and it says it investigated her complaints and found no violation of Article 15 of the not-for-profit corporation law or applicable state regulations.