Residents at Bronx apartment building say elevator access has been out for nearly 2 weeks

After having no elevator access for nearly two weeks following Hurricane Ida's remnants, residents at one Bronx apartment building are crying out for help. 
Residents say two elevators in their apartment building at 1939 West Farms Road have been out since Sept. 2., when Ida swept through the city. 
They say the outage has gone from frustrating to unbearable. The building is home to many families, elderly people and residents with disabilities. 
Theresa Bridges’ mother, who lives with her on the 14th floor, was forced to move out. Another resident who lives on the eighth floor and suffers from asthma says it’s also affecting her ability to get groceries. 
Residents say they’ve been told by the management company that they’re waiting on parts to fix the elevators, but that they need it done now.
Multiple residents submitted 311 complaints about the lack of elevator service since Ida hit, according to the Department of Buildings, which says inspectors from the agency then went to the building on Monday and found that both elevators were no longer operable due to damage sustained throughout the storm.
The damage led to the Department of Buildings issuing a "cease use order" on the nonworking elevators, and violations to the landlord for failure to properly maintain the elevator devices.
A spokesman for the agency also says it also ordered the landlord to begin repairs and restore devices to safe working service, and if the landlord does not comply, they may be subject to additional enforcement actions.