Residents at Fort Greene homeless shelter fuming after recent case of food poisoning

Residents at a Fort Greene homeless shelter are fuming after a recent case of food poisoning.
The city's Health Department claims that the food tested negative for bacteria. However, attorneys for clients are calling the whole situation a "cover-up."
Last month, at least five people living at the shelter claim they became extremely sick after eating expired chicken salad. Now, they say the effects of the spoiled food haven't gone away.
The clients along with community advocates and attorney Sanford Rubenstein protested outside The Auburn Family Shelter Monday afternoon.
They claim the chicken salad had a new label placed over a label with a date showing it was over 30 days expired. The Department of Homeless Services medical director testified before the City Council last Thursday and claimed the food was negative for bacterial pathogens.
Health Department sources also echo his statements. However, Rubenstein says he isn't buying it and is demanding action by the city to correct the situation.
DHS is apologizing for what it calls an isolated incident and in part told News 12, "Pending our ongoing review, we've required the vendor to submit a quality assurance plan and suspended the sub vendor until further notice. Only when we determine that all corrective actions are sufficient will we resume these services again."
Rubenstein has filed a notice of claim against the city regarding this incident. The clients claim they have been to the hospital numerous times since the incident as they continue to recover.