Residents fed up with crowds, trash left by visitors in Dyker Heights

The streets lined with decked out houses in Dyker Heights are beautiful, but residents say the massive crowds they draw are a problem.
Known for its houses covered in Christmas lights, Dyker Heights has been a popular holiday destination for years. But residents say this year is out of control.
Residents speculate warmer temperatures and social media may be to blame but either way, they're fed up with the traffic, the trash left behind from food vendors, and the crowds.
Some residents suggested adding more security and waste management options, and even charging tour companies a fee to cover the costs.
Many visitors say they think coming to the area should stay free of charge. Some residents say they don't even know if charging fees will help, but they just want the crowds gone.

Councilman Justin Brannan said in a statement in part, “We have increased the number of cops on patrol as well as increased sanitation basket pickups over the next week. The challenges it presents are myriad and unique.”
The crowds are expected to die down after New Year’s Eve this week when many tourists head home.
Residents say they hope something is figured out before next year's holiday season.