Residents fight to preserve Flatbush block as historic landmark

Residents in Flatbush are looking to preserve a block that they say is historic in the hope of keeping it from being developed.
The 300 block of East 25th Street in Flatbush is known for having brownstone and limestone homes -- a historic look that residents are trying to landmark in order to preserve.
As first reported by the Brooklyn Eagle, residents say they're worried that the community's history will be erased.
Hoping to prevent development on the block, the 300 East 25th Street Block Association submitted a request for evaluation to the city's Landmarks Preservation Commission -- an effort for the block to be named a historic district.
The Landmarks Preservation Commission says it received a request to evaluate the block last month, and it is conducting a review to determine if it should be considered as a potential historic district.
In order for the block to be considered, the commission says it must meet the minimum standards of the Landmarks Law. That means that the landmark must be at least 30 years old, it must represent at least one typical historic style of architectures and have a consistent streetscape.
Residents say if the block is not approved to be named a historic district, they will continue to fight for the preservation of the block.