Residents rally outside proposed facility for critically ill former Rikers inmates

The protesters rallied against a proposed development at 1900 Seminole Ave. that would house former Rikers inmates who need ongoing specialty care.

News 12 Staff

Oct 25, 2022, 9:32 PM

Updated 633 days ago


A group of Morris Park residents rallied outside a proposed housing facility in their neighborhood. 
The protesters rallied against a proposed development at 1900 Seminole Ave. that would house former Rikers inmates who need ongoing specialty care. 
Developer The Fortune Society and New York City Health + Hospitals have said that this development would help bring needed medical care to what they say is a vulnerable population. 
The community has spoken out against the development through many public forums and previous rallies. 
“Give this to women who have children… do a day care center so while they’re going to college or working their children are kept,” said Irene Estrada, president of Mothers Against 1900 Seminole Avenue. “But no, you want to put inmates instead of something that's going to be good for our community, and we're going to say no." 
Some who rallied outside the proposed facility today boarded buses to continue their protest in Manhattan, where The Fortune Society was hosting a gala. They say that there will be a community board meeting on Thursday where a decision on the approval of the housing development will be made.

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