Retired NYC workers rally to keep their health care intact

A public hearing was held at City Hall on Monday to hear testimony on both sides of the NYC retired workers health benefits amendment.

News 12 Staff

Jan 9, 2023, 10:28 PM

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Retired New York City employees gathered Monday outside of City Hall to fight to keep their health care and medical benefits intact.  
They claim the city is trying to clip away at their current health care benefits that they’ve earned from working for the city for decades. The group rallied on City Hall steps to demand the city keep an administrative code intact that has been the rule since the late 1960s. 
Currently, the city’s health benefits provide premium free coverage for its workforce and retirees, but the group is protesting a newly introduced bill that would amend the existing code and allow the city to provide a Medicare Advantage Plan retirees say will limit their choice of medical coverage.  
“This plan doesn’t accept all the doctors,” said Helen Wilson, one of the attendees of today’s rally. “The doctor you may have had for years now isn’t part of this plan, and you are going to have to make changes … it’s not fair.” 
A public hearing was held at City Hall on Monday to hear testimony on both sides of the issue. Supporters say the code amendment would save the city $600 million a year and 10% of the city’s total budget. Some members of City Council opposed the change, joining retirees in the rally.  
“We are standing here in solidarity with our retirees,” said Council Member Chi Osse. “We don’t want to get to a certain age when we retire and have our benefits and our health care changed by those in power that we put in power.” 
The City Council is expected to vote on whether to amend the code on Jan. 19.  

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