Rikers Island hosts Halloween event for incarcerated individuals and their families

A special Halloween event at Rikers Island allowed incarcerated individuals at the jail to spend some quality time with their loved ones.  
The community engagement event allows some of those in jail to sit down for a delicious meal with their families.  
“Our goal is to try to normalize family connections as much as possible and to try to bring a sense of normalcy and humanity into an environment that typically isn’t quoted for being a place of humanity,” said Nell Pattee McCarty of the programs division.  
The party marks the third extended visit permitted for families at the jail since the COVID-19 pandemic, as some incarcerated people were celebrated for their high participation in the jail’s re-entry program with the Department of Correction counseling staff.  
Family members applauded detainees that were given certificates for their dedication to the program.  
The DOC says they plan to increase the number of events they hold to bring families together, especially during the holiday season.