Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy closes due to positive COVID-19 cases

As the city continues to go back and forth with the decision to close schools due to the coronavirus, some schools are already making that decision after reports of positive cases.
Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy in Riverdale sent out a letter to parents Monday confirming that it would be closing today and switching to remote learning.
The school says at least two people at the school have recently tested positive for COVID-19. As of Monday, the Department of Education reports there were 85 confirmed coronavirus cases at schools across the city, with 47 of those being students.
City guidelines call for closing all schools across the city if the positivity rate reaches 3%. Monday’s seven-day average was 2.77%. Since it's still not quite at that mark, the mayor says schools can remain open at this time.
Meanwhile officials at Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy say the health and safety of everyone in the community is their top priority and that's why they decided to close for the time being. During this time the building will undergo additional cleaning and disinfecting.
The school says it will remain closed until it's determined the school is safe.