‘Rumble in the Bronx’ fighting group holds anti-gun rally

Organizers of an underground fight club held an anti-gun violence rally in the Grand Concourse area where three people, including a teenager, were injured earlier this week in a shooting.
The group is demanding that people go back to what they call the "old-school" way of fighting and putting the guns down.
“Guns down, gloves up” shouted dozens of supporters of the group “Rumble in the Bronx.”
The fight club caught heat last week after authorities say more than 200 people were gathered in an industrial building in Hunts Point watching an amateur fighting event. City sheriffs seized two illegal loaded firearms and a significant amount of marijuana and alcohol.
Michael Roman, who hosted the event, claims they don't know where the guns came from but they applaud the sheriff's department for getting them off the street.
One woman at the rally says she sent her angry sons to Rumble in the Bronx where it gave them the opportunity to put their gloves on and leave it all in the ring.
She says the group allowed them to “squash their beef” and saved them from potentially ending up in jail, or worse.