Rush hour bus delays raise concerns over ongoing TWU, MTA contract negotiations

More than 10 city buses saw delays during Friday morning’s commute amid months of contract negotiations between the Transit Workers Union and the MTA.
The MTA explained on Twitter that the delays were caused by “unscheduled routine inspections.”
The timing of the inspections raised concerns that contract negotiations between union workers and the MTA were behind the slowdowns during the busiest time of the morning.
New York City Transit CEO Andy Byford said that the Transit Authority would not schedule routine inspections during rush hour.
"Any action by TWU Local 100 that slows down bus service for riders in Brooklyn or anywhere in NYC is not acceptable. These were routine inspections, not directed to occur during rush hour by NYC Transit management," he said.
News 12 spoke to a member of TWU who said there was nothing going on this morning that had to do with the contract negotiations.
A representative from TWU added that they will continue to do these kinds of inspections routinely while they work on securing their demands, including higher wages and better health benefits.